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Linda has 2 children – Neil (29), a medical student at UK, is married to Hana, and they have a beautiful daughter, 2 year old Wren. Katie (26) is a singer and songwriter for Houndmouth.  Linda joined Mary Kay in 1982 while teaching in the public school system as the Home Economics Instructor for grades 6-12 in a small rural school. She debuted as a Sales Director in 1983 and left her teaching position in 1986 when Neil was born. Working as a full-time director and work-from-home mom, she quickly moved her unit to Cadillac status.

Linda has over 50 Offspring Sales Directors and over 5000 consultants entrusted to her leadership. She has driven free Mary Kay cars for 33 years and is currently driving a Pink Cadillac XLR Roadster Convertible with every option that Cadillac offers. Her personal unit of 500 consultants have retailed over $24 million dollars in the last 20 years.   

Linda’s National Area ranked # 7 in the Diamond Seminar last year and retails over $10 Million in sales each year. Her highest commission check for one month has been over $57,000 . Linda has earned over 7 Million Dollars in Commissions in her career!

Linda’s career has brought her a house full of gifts and prizes, including over 30 karats in diamonds and 20 World Class 5-Star trips to exotic places around the world.

Linda has received many honors throughout her career. Some of the highest include: being selected as Miss Go Give for the Diamond Seminar in 1997 (an award voted on by her peers); being selected to train in Europe at the International Summit of National Sales Directors from around the world in 2004; being selected to represent the USA at the Kazakhstan Seminar in 2008, as well as China and Australia in 2009. She trained all the European NSDs in Poland in 2011; hosted the Spain Seminar in September 2011 and lead her National Area to the prestigious Inner Circle 2 times.

The last question that Linda asked Mary Kay Ash before her passing was, “How can I ever thank you for helping me find the gifts that were inside of me?” Mary Kay’s response, “Pass it on.”

Linda’s mission:

To help other women reach their full potential through a Mary Kay career.