Linda Toupin’s Platinum Choices

Platinum Choices is now available online or on CD in English & Spanish!

Tracks include:

  1. Farm Girl from SE Kentucky
  2. Turning Points
  3. You don’t have a story till something goes wrong
  4. Questions you might have
  5. Fear of Change
  6. The Crease in the Piece of Paper
  7. Bonus Track: Tips for Success ‘Choices’ has changed many careers.

NOW for the 1st time ever you can text or email “CHOICES” to any team member who needs encouraging or a prospective team member.
$5.00 a month subscription fee. Go to and sign up.  (Cancel at any time)*The link is to be used by the individual who subscribed and not shared with other consultants or directors for sharing purposes.

Order Linda’s CDs and Tapes from Wholesale Tape and Supply 1-800-218-7228 Ext. 211 or email Larry Russell